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“Reading the Future of AI: From ChatGPT to AGI” Now Available on Kindle!

Ennon is expanding its publishing and editing business with a focus on advanced technology and futuristic thinking. Our first book, “Reading the Future of AI: From ChatGPT to AGI,” authored by CEO Katsunori Ebara, explores the forefront of artificial intelligence. This work delves deeply into the journey from the evolution of ChatGPT to the realization of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Our Mission

At Ennon, we aim to provide new value to society through the dissemination and enlightenment of knowledge. We hope our publications will serve as guides to help readers understand future trends and make new discoveries.

New Releases

10 Strategies for Personal Growth and Career Advancement

Author: Katsunori Ebara

This book is a practical guide for anyone looking to achieve personal growth and career success. It covers 10 key strategies, including leadership, time management, networking, and mental health, illustrated with concrete examples. Each chapter provides practical advice along with methods for self-assessment and feedback.

📖 Get the book here: [10 Strategies for Personal Growth and Career Advancement]

Japanese Learning App “Japanese Master (GPT App)”

Creator: Katsunori Ebara

We have released a new learning app, “Japanese Master (GPT App),” perfect for those wanting to learn Japanese. This app specializes in JLPT N1 level practice, offering questions, explanations, and tips in Japanese. It utilizes Katsunori Ebara’s books as learning materials, allowing you to learn practical Japanese from real business and self-improvement books. The app offers diverse learning content and interactive practice problems to effectively improve your Japanese skills.

🔗 Download the app here: [Japanese Master App]

Future Prospects

Following the success of “Reading the Future of AI,” we plan to further expand our publishing and editing business. We have new works scheduled across a wide range of genres, including technology, business, and self-improvement. We hope these books will bring new insights and inspiration to your daily life.

Upcoming Releases

We are excited to announce the release of new books in the following genres, one each week for seven consecutive weeks. Stay tuned!

  1. Business and Self-Improvement
  2. Health and Wellness
    • Week 2: Unique Japanese Health Methods: Healing Body and Mind
  3. Technology and AI
    • Week 3: Beginner’s Guide to AI and Data Science
  4. Self-Improvement and Lifestyle
    • Week 4: Life Hacks for Productivity: Time Management and Minimalism
  5. Education and Learning
    • Week 5: Study Guide for Junior High Students: Tips for Success
  6. History and Culture
    • Week 6: In-Depth Analysis of Japanese History and Culture
  7. Fiction and Entertainment
    • Week 7: Creating New Stories: Mystery and Fantasy Worlds

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If you have any inquiries about our publications or would like to propose a book, please feel free to contact us.

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